At Tolerance Masters, we build custom housings that meet the thermal, weight, and structural requirements for complex applications within the aerospace, defense, transportation, medical, and communications industries. With our strong technical background, we offer full support for prototype development initiatives involving leading-edge programs and follow through with a transition to low-volume production levels.

Manufacturing close tolerance products from high-end materials is one of our core strengths. Our facility houses equipment specifically geared for accurately and repeatably machining complicated geometries, detailed internal features, and exceptional surface finishes. We work with aluminum and steel in all grades and tempers, as well as high-strength metals like Inconel, Hastelloy, and titanium. If your project involves strong, lightweight materials like magnesium, beryllium copper, and specialty high-strength plastics, we understand their idiosyncrasies and have developed innovative methods for achieving close dimensional tolerances.

We build custom housings in sizes up to 25" in length x 27" in width x 60" in depth. With our expert machining capabilities, we easily uphold tolerances of ±0.002” in true position. We offer a number of coating options to improve performance properties as well as supplemental quality assurance procedures, such as non-destructive testing.

As an ISO 9001:2001 and AS9100D certified, Tier-1 precision parts manufacturer, we place a strong emphasis on quality. We use lean manufacturing processes to control costs and have a superlative record for on-time delivery. Our technically trained and motivated staff is committed to ensuring your housings meet all of your critical performance objectives.

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Housings Specifications

Aluminum (All Grades)
High Temp Investment Castings
Stainless steel (All Grades)
Beryllium Copper
High Strength Plastic
Machine Axes
3 Axis
4 Axis
5 Axis
X Parameters
25 in
Y Parameters
27 in
Z Parameters
60 in
Tolerances (±)
0.002 in True Position

Additional Services
F.S. Cleaning
Low Testing
Special Processing (Utilize NADCAP Sources)

Additional Information

Industries Served
File Format
xmt_bin .CAD

Our Continuing Goal is Zero Defects on All of Your Products

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